40 years of the Xerox laser printer

It might seem hard to believe but last month, was the 40th anniversary of the first Xerox laser printer. Their first ever laser model, the 9700, was able to print at the (then) standard resolution of 300 dots per minute at a rate of 120 pages per minute (the equivalent of two pages a second).

The 9700 printer was produced from the invention by Gary Starkweather, an employee of Xerox, who worked for the company until 1987 and was made a member of the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2012. One of the early designs was used an office printer at Xerox’s research facility ahead of it being developed commercially.

Once the decision to produce the printer on a commercial scale had been made, the target market for the 9700 was high-volume, data-centre printing. Amongst the companies to take advantage of the machine were utility providers, banks and credit card companies who used it to print bills and bank statements. Once introduced to the commercial market, it made more than $1 billion dollars a year for the company.

Sometime after the Xerox 9700 had been established a high-volume printer the Xerox 3100 was introduced. This product was aimed more at the personal use market, though it could still produce an output of 20 pages per minute. This signalled the start of the introduction of a range of different smaller laser printers which could be used in the home as well as at work and have subsequently impacted the way that companies as well as individuals print.

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