Common types of computer virus’

Copiserv offers a range of software services as well as hardware repairs. Whilst physical repairs are a major part of the business, Copiserv’s services to computing doesn’t just stop there. The business and the staff are trained and experienced in managing and repairing harmful software like malware and viruses.

Just like human viruses, computer ones also come in many forms. Each of which attacks and infects your computer in a different way, causing harmful damages such as; stealing passwords, data, and deleting files. Here are some common computer viruses and what they mean:

  1. Boost Sector Virus

Boost Sector Viruses are incredibly dangerous to users because they infect the ‘master boot record’. Ignoring the jargon for a moment, this means the virus can encrypt the entire computer and are infamously difficult to remove. The most common cause of this type of virus is by spreading through removal media like floppy disks and memory sticks.

  1. Direct Action Virus

A direct virus is one of the main types of file-infector viruses. It works by attaching itself to a file, usually EXE files, and when the user opens the file the virus spreads to other files in the directory. This type of virus, fortunately, doesn’t delete files and has a relatively minimal effect on the user and is relatively easy to remove with basic virus protection programs.

  1. Resident Virus

Resident viruses are the other main type of file-infecting viruses, like direct actions. These, however, do not appear by being opened in a file, by in fact install themselves onto computers. Because of this, the virus can remain on the computer even when the source file has been deleted, making them more harmful than direct action viruses.

Copiserv’s team of technicians and engineers mean the business can tackle a whole range of computer related issues. From digital to physical breakdowns of computers, printers, copiers and more, Copiserv is more than equipped to repair the issue.

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