Develop +287

The Develop ineo+ 287 machineĀ  is another one where low energy consumption and an easy to use interface are key components of the device. It features direct integration of time saving solutions and has a comprehensive range of security features.

The technical functionality of the machine includes:

  • Copy and print speed of up to 28 ppm A4 and up to 14 ppm A3
  • Scanning of up to 45 opm
  • Fax with Super G3 fax option for fast transmission and digital reception, polling, time shift, PC Fax, receipt to confidential box, receipt to e-mail, FTP, SMB
  • Standard: Embedded controller with 1.2 GHz (SoC architecture)

For more information about this product, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team on 01924 298926.