Develop +258

Much like many of the Develop products, the ineo+ 258 has a very easy to use interface and convenient mobile usability. Its comprehensive range of security options twinned with low energy consumption and outstanding eco performance mean it is more than just a printer to your office.

The full technical functionality includes:

  • Print and copy speed of up to 25 ppm A4 and up to 15 ppm A3 in colour and black&white
  • Scanning of up to 160 ipm in colour and black&white
  • Fax with Super G3 fax option for fast transmission and digital reception, polling, time shift, PC Fax, receipt to confidential box, receipt to e-mail, FTP, SMB
  • Standard: Embedded controller with 1.2 GH

If you are looking for a machine that is one of the leading in performance, look no further than the ineo+ 258 for your needs.