As specialists with a 40-year history in the office equipment industry, Copiserv provide only the best copiers, printers and scanners for sale or lease in and around Brighouse. We serve schools and charities, as well as small and large businesses in the area.

We also offer a range of different support services. This helps ensure that every one of our customers gets not only the right machines for their individual needs, but also the support they require to maximise efficiency from day to day.

All of our machines are highly efficient. This helps make your Brighouse business more eco-friendly, while also helping to reduce the cost of print.

Can you help my organisation?

The answer to that question is quite simply ‘yes’. This is because here at Copiserv, we offer products and support packages for everybody. From the small business looking to move on from that old desktop printer and expand to bigger and better things, to large companies with the need for multiple machines on many separate floors – we are here for you.

So what sets Copiserv apart from other office equipment suppliers?

The Copiserv team believes that your requirements and those of your company are fundamental to the way we do business. We’re not into sales pitches. What we do instead is work hard to learn more about you and the way you do business. This helps us find the perfect printer, copier, or scanner for each aspect of your work.

Our Support team pay frequent visits to your office. This ensures your equipment remains in good working order. This in turn prevents disruptions to operations and ultimately saves you both time and money.

With Copiserv technicians based in or around the Brighouse area, you can be sure that we are never away in the unlikely event that your equipment breaks down. To find out more, please call the Copiserv team on 01924 298926.

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