Why would you want a Print Managed Service Agreement? (MPS)

There are many reasons why your business should enter a MPS agreement and at Copiserv we have been helping businesses in Wakefield and the surrounding areas do this for over 40 years.

Protect working capital

When buying a printer, you have a considerable outlay initially – that is just a fact! But it isn’t just the initial outlay, buying consumables can be 10x more expensive than the original capital cost.

MPS, sees you pay monthly for the number of prints you uses, no more no less. Depending on which supplier you use there is often no fixed monthly cost so you can then get into a routine of paying for exactly what you use.  Equally you do not need to order toner stock in advance, you simply call your supplier when you need and they will have the consumables sent out to you.  Or if they are really clever they will monitor your machine remotely and do this automatically.


It is all about maintenance, never again will you need to worry about fixing your broken printer, or worse scrapping it because you do not know how to fix it. Most suppliers will offer you the guarantee that if they cant fix the machine they will swap it out for your FOC.

Modern equipment

When you buy a printer, the chances are that until it breaks and you are fed up of it, you do not think about whether there is a newer model available. You may however complain a lot that it does not integrate with new systems due to its age. An MPS agreement can be flexible to give you the right equipment for your businesses needs, you can choose to upgrade in cycles meaning that you can almost always have the best hardware for your company needs.

If you would like to know how Copiserv can set your Wakefield based business up on a MPS contract, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team today.