How to protect your corporate data

How can you make sure your corporate data and valuable company information is safe and protected against data theft?

Copiserv’s answer to this is the reliable protection of our Develop machines: together with you, we determine which of our industry- leading security standards are right for you. With this set of security measures, we give your Develop ineo devices an extra level of protection.

Secure Data

You might have read recent reports that questioned the security standards of some multifunctional office systems. And you’re right to be asking some critical questions:

“How can I be sure my valuable data are safe from theft?” or

“How can I prevent data being stolen from my multifunctional device or extracted when the hard drive is removed?”

The questions are far-reaching, but the answer is simple. If your multifunctional device is a Develop ineo from Copiserv we can activate the machine security features. This can be done on your premises – or prior to delivery. Once ineo SECURE safeguards are in place, you can be sure your print data will enjoy uncompromising security protection. Your ineo multifunctional device and its hard drive (HDD) will be protected to ensure your data is INEO SECURE.